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Artisan Vase

Rounded vase, brown & green texture

Artisan Vase

Large tan/brown rectangular vase

Assorted Clear Vases

Assorted clear cylinder vases

Assorted Colored Vases

Assorted colorful vases

Circular Bronze Vase

Circular antiqued bronze vases

Extra Large Martini Glass Prop

Extra large clear martini prop

Faux Wood White Vase

Small white faux wood vase

Frosted Glass Vase

Sea glass green to white textured tapered vase

Geometric Vase

Tall mint green geometric vase

Geometric Vase

Short gray geometric vase

Glass Jug

Green half gallon jug, spout and small handle

Oversized Abstract Vase

Red funnel abstract vases

Red Swirl Vase

Red swirl vase

Reflective Silver Tapered Vase

Assorted shape / size reflective silver vessels

Silver Rectangle Vase

Small rectangle mirrored vase

Silver Square Mirrored Vase

Square mirrored vase

Silver Square Vase

Small silver speckled vase

Silver Tea Light Holder

Small silver speckled tea light candle holder

Silver Textured Vase

Silver reflective vase

Tapered Glass Vase

Blue textured vessel with narrow opening

Wide Green Glass Vase

Large green wide mouth vase with flared rim

Wide Orange Glass Vase

Large orange wide mouth vase with flared rim

Wide Yellow Vase

Wide flat yellow vase

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