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Vintage Inspired Props

Abstract X Geometric Decor

White 3D "X" decor

Black Globe

Black globe on silver stand

Bowling Pins

Large white & brown bowling pins

Bronze Chest

Medium bronze chest


Medium brown chest, barrel design

Cowboy Hats

Various colored cowboy hats


Dice with blue or red dots

Globe, Wooden Stand

Globe on wooden stand

Metal Boot

Small decorated bronze/gold boot cutout w/ stand

Mounted Horn

Medium, horn with leather and rope


Assorted radios, boomboxes, CD players.

Red Clay Vase

Small red clay vase with lizard design

Scotch Tape Dispenser

Weathered green scotch tape dispenser

Silver Candlestick

Silver candlesticks

Silver Hookah

Silver hookah

Silver Rotary Phone

Circular base with cord


Cardboard suitcases with stickers

Vintage Books

Assorted colored and shaped vintage books

Vintage Circular Microphone

Vintage antique circular microphone with cord

Vintage Film Canister

Large gray octangular film canister

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