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Plants & Planters

Assorted Potted Succulents

Assortment of species and pots

Assorted Succulents

Small succulents of various species

Bonsai Tree

Small bonsai tree in taupe pot

Bronze Concrete Planter

Small concrete planter with bronze details


Medium cactus in gray pot with rocks

Cactus in Stone Pot

Artificial cactus in stone pot


Regular sized ferns in terracotta pots


Plant in white basket planter

Floral Arrangement

Orange and pink flowers in silver planter

Geometric Terrariums

Assorted gold geometric terrariums

Grass Plants

Grass plants in assorted pots

Gray Textured Planter

Large textured dark gray planter

Lemon Vase Filler

Yellow faux lemon vase filler

Maranta Plant

Large skinny brown planter

Moss Balls

Mini moss / grass spheres

Mossy Rocks

Various shapes and sizes

Oversized Brown Planter

Brown planter vase

Palm Plants

Small banana and palm plants in black pots

Potted Vine Plant

Artificial vine in black pot

Snake Plant

Snake plants in white and gray pots

Spider Plant

White clay/porcelain pot

Succulent Holder

4" white ceramic planter

Succulent, Stone Pot

Small stone pot

Topiary Balls

Small spiky green faux plant sphere

Tropical Potted Plant

Tall white pot in stand

White Ceramic Planter

Plain white planter

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