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Miscellaneous Decor

"Awesome" Word Décor

Small gold cursive word "awesome"

"DELISH" Word Décor

All caps "DELISH" kitchen word décor

"YUM" Word Décor

All caps "YUM" kitchen word décor


Foldable two-sided outdoor sign

Abstract Gold Marble Lamp

Circular white marble base, gold wire frame

Abstract Metal Disc Decor

Marble base with metal discs

Abstract X Geometric Decor

White 3D "X" decor

Acrylic Cacti

Assorted neon cacti, various shapes / sizes

Ampersand Lamp

Small lighted "&" symbol

Antiqued Magnetic Letters

Small, assorted letter magnets

Armadillo Décor

Gold Armadillo Display

Assorted Candles

Sm, assorted faux candles

Bird Bath Décor

Gold Bird Bath with Bird Display

Black Alarm Clock

Matte black clock with gold accents

Book End

Gold & Metal Paper Airplane Book End

Bronze Abstract Geometric Décor

Medium hollow frame geometric shape, bronze

Cactus Table Top Décor

Porcelain Cactus Table Top Display

Ceramic Succulent Jar

Small ceramic dish with succulent on lid

Chill Type Decor

Rose gold/bronze "chill" script

Clear Umbrella

White & clear umbrella


Large black cow prop

Dali Melting Clock

Small melting clock with silver rim


Small, white faux doves


Assorted dreamcatchers

Droplet Paper Weight

Rounded glass sphere paper weight

Faux Duck

Hollow duck decor

Flamingo Drink Floaties

Small flamingos with cup holder

Flamingo Pool Floaties

Large, pink flamingo pool inner tubes

Glass Hummingbird

Green Glass Humming Bird Décor

Gold Candle

Small, gold metallic candle

Gold Geometric Bird Decor

Small gold geometric bird décor

Gold Lamp

Gold domed lamp with white shade

Gold Marquee N Lamp

Small gold capital N

Gold Metallic Wall Clock

Clock with white face and gold metallic trim

Gold Spiky Urchin Decor

Sm, Med, gold spiky wall décor

Gray Light Up Box "hello"

Small gray box lights up word "hello"

Hour Glass

Small Hour Glass

Leaf Plate

Silver and Pink Leaf Plate

Light Up Orb

Multicolor light up spheres, assorted sizes

Lowercase "N" Lamp

Small lamp lowercase letter "N"

Mirror Balls

Assorted size mirror balls

Modern Yellow Wire Sculpture

Yellow wire tabletop décor

Ornate Gold Candle Holder

Gold leaf-shaped wall-mounted candle holder

Oversized Red Roses

Oversized faux red roses

Pineapple Lamp

Glass Pineapple Lamp

Plastic Grocery Bag Holder

White base silver arms & back w/ plastic
shopping bags

Red Rose "R"

Large black foam board letter R with red roses

Red Rose 'Bocelli' Signage

Large faux red rose signage

Red Rose Frame

Large faux red rose frame

Rock Paper Weight

Multiple Rock Design Paper Weight with eyes

Scenic Votive Holder

Silver scenic votive candle holders

Silver "LET'S" Vertical Sign

Silver vertical sign

Silver Candlesticks

Silver candlesticks

Silver Decorative Sphere

Small, silver metallic spiky ball décor

Silver Distressed Letters

Med, large silver distressed letters (N, T, R, P, A, H, Y)

Silver Mannequin Arms

Silver mannequin arms

Silver Marquee Ampersand Lamp

Medium lighted "&" in silver

Silver Marquee Arrow Lamp

Small lighted arrow in silver

Traditional Wall Clock

Traditional clock, white face and black rim

Wooden Clock

Wooden clock with patterned face

Wooden Directional Cities Sign

Large wooden sign with multiple cities

Wooden Restroom Sign

Large wooden signs with arrows saying "Restroom"

Wooden Word Décor

Small double sided wooden LOVE / BE NICE

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