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They say all good ideas can start on the back of a cocktail napkin. Media Star Promotions is no exception. Carin’s creative thinking and problem-solving in planning for a charity event found a loophole in the State of Maryland allowing third-party liquor promotion in Maryland and ultimately the birth of Media Star Promotions.


MSP grew up in alcohol promotion, representing notable brands like Galliano, Finlandia, Jack Daniels, Bacardi and more. The result? We became really, really good at creating engaging 1:1 consumer experiences in really tough regulatory environments. This expertise allowed for the expansion into other highly regulated industries and federal government contracts including cannabis.


Known for flawless execution, countless national brands have since counted on MSP to bring their experiences to life when connecting with consumers really matters. Hallmark trusted MSP produce the presentation flowers for the Salt Lake City Olympics, Starbucks to launch Frappuccino bottled beverages in pop-up street side cafes, Avon to recruit new reps, just to name a few.


After proving we could execute events in fixed places, brands started turning to MSP to take their shows on the road. Literally. Rock the Vote, opening new House of Blues locations around the country, touring the famous Chippendales and countless national performing artists, just to name a few.


To better support our client needs, we expanded our in-house teams to include MSP Lighting and Video, our event production company and MSP Design Studio, our creative boutique. Both divisions support our national accounts, as well as regional businesses and startups.


We’ve been fortunate to work with some of the best brands in the world, while also staying true to our beginnings and are proud to continue to give back to our community through the MSPCares program, as well as supporting countless non-profit organizations with brand, creative and event support.


Today MSP teams can be found across the country creating engaging 1:1 consumer experiences, producing memorable events and making a difference.

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