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Dining Accessories

& Glassware

Bar Spoon

Long gold twisted bar spoon

Blue Glass Bottle With Spout Lid

Medium blue bottle with antiqued silver spout

Circular Shot glasses

Shot glasses with circular base

Circular Upside Down Glass Display

Assorted size glass jars, wooden bottom and
domed glass top

Cocktail Shakers

Large silver cocktail shakers

Cupcake Holder

Silver 3 tier cupcake holder

Curved Serving Tray

Small rectangular teal blue curved platter tray

Decorated Beer Mugs

Mugs featuring white mountain

Drink Accessory Stand

Silver stand with assorted utensils

Faux Wood Tray

Small rectangular faux wood tray

Flower Glass Dishes

Decorated glass dishes with rose gold on rim

Gold & Wood Coasters

Wooden coasters with golden triangular design

Gold Cocktail Shaker

Gold tapered textured cocktail shaker

Gold Jigger Bar Accessory

Small gold bartending measurement accessory

Gold Scalloped Slotted Spoon

Shell shaped spoon with holes

Gold Utensil Set With Cup

Gold wire cup with 3 assorted bar tools

Green Cutting Board

Plastic green cutting board

Green Glass Jug

Green glass jug

IKEA Drinking Glasses

Clear drinking glasses

Jigger Bar Accessory

Small silver bartending measurement accessory

Jigger Bar Accessory

Mini silver bartending measurement accessory

Large Brewing Jug

Large brown brewing jug with air-tight lid and
silver handle

Lemon Squeezer

Yellow lemon juicer/squeezer

Moscow Mule Mugs

Bronze moscow mule mugs


White with silver handle

Oven Mitt

Green and white woven oven mitt

Oversized Cocktail Shaker

Silver cylindrical textured cocktail shaker

Rectangular Shot Glasses

Shot glasses with rectangular bottom

Serving Tray

Blue ceramic serving tray

Set of Measuring cups

Black measuring cups with leather strap

Short Brushed Silver Glass

Shorter, wider drinking glasses w/ silver gradient

Tall Brushed Silver Glass

Drinking glasses with a silver gradient

Tall Colored Drinking Glasses

Colored drinking glasses

Tall Glass Bottle

Bottle with Italy seal on front, red and white top

Tapered Drinking Glass

Tapered glasses with cork lids

Winged Corwscrew

Silver winged corkscrew

Wooden Tray with Handle

Brown wooden tray with handle divider down

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