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Baskets & Organization

Bamboo Rope Baskets

Bamboo baskets, rope rim

Chalkboard Pail

Small silver pail with chalkboard panel

Chicken Wire Baskets

Rectangular gray chicken wire baskets

Circular Tiered Tray

Circular stacked trays with gray metal hardware

Dark Wooden Basket

Dark wooden baskets with black
metal trim and handles

Felt Basket

Medium gray felt basket

Lined Woven Hamper

Woven hamper with liner and
circular lid

Metal Washtub

Silver metal washtub with upright handles

Patterned Metal Pail

Metal pail, navy inside pattern

Rectangular Tiered Tray

Narrow rectangular trays with gold hardware

Shallow Wicker Basket

Med, shallow rectangular faux-woven basket

Shopping Baskets

Metal stand of blue grocery shopping baskets

Square Wire Basket

Small square wire basket

White Wire Basket

White wire frame basket centerpiece

Wicker Hamper w/ Leather Latch

Large wicker hamper, leather straps and latch

Wooden Crate

Assorted colored wooden crates

Wooden Fruit Basket

Apple baskets with wire handle and wooden grip

Wooden Fruit Basket

Fruit baskets with 2 leather handles

Wooden Half-Barrel

Large, wooden barrels with flat side

Woven Wicker Baskets, Braided Rim

Dark brown woven baskets with
lighter braided rim

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