To improve and raise awareness for the UN Secretary General’s High-Level Panel for Women’s Economic Empowerment (UNSG HLP), aimed to promote women’s global economic standing and spotlight current issues.


MSP established the UNSG HLP brand through an in-depth brand development session focusing on forming the brand’s positioning and designing its visual representation. MSP also spearheaded the development of key communication strategy for the High-Level Panel and provided tools that were key to the spread of the organizations fundamental messaging (communications team tool kit, social media activation plan, videos, animations and infographics).  Additionally, MSP designed, launched and hosted the UNSG HLP’s website (womenseconomicempowerment.org), which served as a resource to house the High-Level Panel’s reports and additional resources. The UN Secretary General was pleased with the progress and was able to gain necessary support from both Heads of State and heads of corporations to move the initiative forward.