Generate brand awareness among Adult Smokers 21 years of age or older by creating an experiential environment to bring to life the NAS Brand and SFNTC Values.


MSP designed and built the “NAS Retreat” Experience, which was intended to stand out among branded environments typically found at large festivals and events. The structure is an eco-friendly, modular environment fabricated from 100% re- cycled, reclaimed and repurposed materials that were sourced and/or made in the USA. The NAS Retreat interior and exterior courtyard were also decorated with elements made from up- cycled and reclaimed materials. The Branded structure served as a respite for Adult Smokers during large festivals and events and allowed Adult Smokers to interact with the NAS Brand in real and meaningful ways through a variety of activities. Adult Smokers were able to have one-on-one conversations with authentic brand ambassadors, participate in interactive experiences and en- joy informed paid trial of Natural American Spirit products.