Create a unique, legally-compliant, branded environment that aligns with the GRIZZLY Brand personality in order to effectively engage Adult Dippers (ADs) at festivals and events around the country.


Leveraging key learning from ADs’ positive response to MSP’s 2013 Grizzly Den, the 2014 structure was designed to incorporate the same simple, authentic appeal, but on a larger scale. The unique Quonset Hut structure was utilized to stand out among competitors and other displays at festivals and events. Tasteful branding paired with wood, metal and other natural outdoorsman elements were utilized to create an atmosphere that aligns directly with the ADs’ interest. As a result, the MSP’s Grizzly Tour engaged more than 23,000 ADs, and achieved 116% of the annual program goal. The client was so pleased with the outcome; they doubled the scope for 2015 programming.   The program has been so successful that in 2016 the Brand requested that MSP design a new addition to the Man Cave Tour – The Grizzly Garage!